The Hero's Encounter.
Episode 2
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date January 15, 2013
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The Hero Journeys Forth The Hero Regrets

The Hero's Enouncter is the second episode of the Senyū anime series.


Alba and Ros make it out of the forest and head to the Black Caves where monsters have been appearing and terrorizing the nearby villages. Arriving at the caves, they end up having to wait at the end of the line. Finally making it inside, they find it bright and lively, complete with a salesman selling his famous Black Meat Buns which Ros wastes no time to get. Ros advises Alba to hurry on and Alba takes his advise only to be stepped upon. Albo begins losing all moral and is about to give up on the whole adventure, when Ros gives a hot-blooded speech about how heroes never abandon people in their hour of need. Regardless, they leave the caves. Alba is stabbed on their way out, and Ros becomes tsundere when questioned about his new dagger. Angry and upset, Alba throws the dagger up in the air and slays the Demon King a poor defenseless girl. Much to his demise, Alba gains 60 life experience points and levels up! Ros handles the situation calmly and asks Alba to kindly give himself up to the police for his cruel and horrendous actions. Ros starts rapping about how proud he is of Alba. The girl turns out to be alive and Ros heals her back to life at Alba's desperate plea for help. At her recovery, she introduces herself with her mark on her forearm.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit


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